Photo By  Ryanne Bee

Photo By Ryanne Bee


I have a love story with adventure, or at least thats how this all started out. I remember the first day I started planning my trip to Japan and the long list of photo equipment I had written down, to remind myself not to forget. On a Wednesday I saw a travel video, it was the first one I had seen that was set to music. It struck me that I wanted to create one for my own adventure and that, that would be the most special memory you could keep forever. So I started creating travel videos for all my travels small or large it didn't matter. I just fell in love with it, it being the moving memories I could capture! 

I had a thought while watching my friends search for wedding videographers, that I wanted to capture these wonderful moments on the most special day of someones life. Because being able to relive those big moments over and over again and the small moments you may have missed is priceless.

- Marlena Maidhof